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HTML, CSS and JS are my bread and butter but lately I've been deep into React and React Native!

Freelance Sovereignty

Are you tired of the 9-5?

Sick of others defining your salary?

Think you've got what it takes to compete on a global scale?

Then this guide is for you!

I built this step-by-step guide to take you from an average engineer, designer, or remote-worker-to-be to a top-level talent that will practically have to beat clients off with a stick.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Approach large global companies and market yourself to them
  • Sharpen your hard and soft skills to pass any test
  • Interview and make clients love you
  • What are you waiting for? Your future awaits!

About me

I've been a web developer for over 10 years, working mostly as a Full Stack developer but with a strong inclination towards front-end.

I've worked with everything, from ASP to PHP to jQuery to Vue.js but my strongest passions are Ruby on Rails, Django, React and React Native.

I'm really interested in lead and senior roles around those technologies, as well as teams that will enable me to utilize my strengths and build up my weaknesses (mostly automated testing and continuous integration).

HTML/CSS - Advanced
Javascript - Advanced
React - Intermediate
React Native - Advanced
Ruby on Rails - Intermediate
This is me - Bill



I can help you make high level decisions around your technical stack and help prioritize your goals. I can also consult your engineers through difficult problems and offer some insight on how to avoid them in the future.

React & React Native Development

I can architect and build from scratch a front-end solution, encompassing web and mobile using React and React Native. The nature of React allows us to utilize a pretty significant overlap between the two technologies, which allow for a more centralized coding solution.

Web Development

I can cover everything, from HTML/CSS authoring to the creation of the actual back-end and front-end, as well as the construction of a RESTful API to cover various application needs.

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about me

I've made it my mission to always leave a good impression. I bring a positive, can-do attitude to any team of which I'm part.

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My work

I've picked the projects I'm most proud of throughout my career.


The New England Journal of Medicince

UI lead on Atypon's side of the NEJM.org website redesign.

Atypon had taken on the project of rebuilding the NEJM.org web platform from the ground up. The client had assigned the design to an agency of their choosing and I was assigned as the UI lead of the project to ensure everything was integrated into Atypon's CMS smoothly.

My responsibilities included:

  • Ensuring proper code quality and robustness of designs
  • Integrating a majority of the code into usable HTML, CSS and Javascript for use with the Atypon Page Builder
  • Ironing out bugs and improving the user experience
  • Mediating between different managers and handling priorities

The project was a massive success and was delivered one month ahead of schedule.

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Lambda Tracker

Elite coaching platform

A Django project that was initially developed by another developer but I was called on to help put on some finishing touches. We ended up adding a lot of features and improving the QOL of both the coaches and the clients.

Coaches can use the customized admin panel to create training programs, diet goals and observe the clients' progress.

Clients have access to their coaching programs, can check in on their progress and diet, upload pictures, measurements and much more.

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Nimber for Bringers

React Native app for Nimber's Bringers for Android and iOS

I was the sole React Native engineer on this project. It initially started out as an Android-only project but was converted to cover both iOS and Android down the line.

The project utilizes Expo, Redux, Sentry, Google Maps and a lot of custom features, such as offline support (ask my about it!), real-time chatting, custom Intercom integration and others.

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Web platform designed to bring together professionals with potential clients, merging ready-made promotions and custom made requests. Built on Django, Python, SASS, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, among others.

I was the Tech Lead of this project, almost since its inception. I was initially responsible for everything, from authoring HTML and CSS from Photoshop, to implementing the back-end, front-end and server and database administration.

Eventually, I was responsible for 2 more engineers and I took on a more high-level role, making tech stack decisions and mediating between the management team, product owner and the tech team. I also built and designed the API used to communicate with our mobile apps, utilizing Django REST Framework and OAuth.

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